Two sizes of Double Spice


Do you have some of the T spice flavored bacon that you used in a tasty Bloody Mary as a garnish or BLTA sandwich leftover? Put it into a traditional Cobb Salad for an interesting flavor. 


Iceberg lettuce 

diced avocado 

diced tomato 

crumbled blue cheese 

chopped T spice flavored bacon 

cooked chicken  

chopped hard boiled eggs 


your favorite dressing ranch, blue cheese or vinaigrette seasoned with a pinch of T spice 



clean and chop lettuce and place in salad bowl  

Top with avocado, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, chicken and eggs 

Serve with T spice flavored dressing


Take you plain ole black bean dip and give it a Zip!  Saute up some extra whole black beans with some T spice and add into the dip. Serve with tortilla chips!   


Sprouse up a bland ole BLT


T spice flavored bacon slices

Lettuce of choice


Avocado when in season  

Mayonnaise flavored with T spice

Slices of sourdough bread  


Mix a few Spoonfuls of mayo with some T spice for a little zip

toast bread and spread with flavored mayonnaise

top with lettuce leaf, tomato slices, avocado, if you are a fan, and T spice flavored thick cut cooked bacon slices.



Chicken breast.jpeg

Pick your favorite cut of chicken whether it is the breast, thigh or wings. Toss generously with T spice 24 hours ahead of cooking.

Fire up the grill, the saute pan or broiler.  

Watch how you get a tasty crust on the outside and tender juicy inside.



Get your smoking and grill master talents upgraded when using T spice.

For Bar B Q ribs; Rub generously the rack of ribs 3-4 days before smoking or grilling. Let side uncovered in the refrigerator so T spice has time to do it's Thing!


Whether you are smoking ribs until they are fully cooked;  1/2 smoking and finish by grilling,  or just grilling all together, make them not just moist and juicy, tasty with a nice crust of T spice  by seasoning the ribs  ahead of time.  



Our son was experimenting one day when I made a fresh batch of homemade popcorn and topped it with the T spice... So many flavors in just one shake!!!  Pretty TE-RRIFIC


Mango _Salsa.jpg

Whether you are grilling T spice seasoned chicken breast or Salmon, top it with our T spice flavored Tomato Salsa or Pineapple Salsa or just serve it with Chips.

Any grill master will love these salsa's on anything they grill, especially chicken or salmon.   

Mix the two salsa's together  for an even bigger WooHoo  effect!  and don't forget to check the seasoning and adjust with T spice


Happy New Year with a healthy alternative to Bar B Q flavored chips


Sweet potatoes

T spice

olive oil  

Cut up Sweet Potatoes into small cubes, toss with olive oil and a generous amount of T spice.

Bake on in the oven until moist and tender.....Close your eyes and you will be thinking your are eating BBQ flavored chips!




T spice flavored roast cauliflower

Plain hummus

Pita Chips


In your food processor, blend the roasted cauliflower with the hummus until smooth. Place in bowl, top with a few sprinkles of T spice and serve with Pita chips for a quick snack.


Want something unique to treat you guests who love chocolate? 


Brownie Mix; bake according to box instructions 

caramel sauce 

vanilla ice cream 

**T spice flavored chocolate flakes  (make ahead) 

your favorite Red Wine 


T spice flavored chocolate flakes: 

melt a bag of chocolate chips 

spread the melted chocolate onto either a piece of wax paper or aluminum foil. For speed pop in the freezer until set.  When ready, bread the slab of T spice flavored chips into small flakes  


Cut brownies into squares and plate 

pour over a generous amount of caramel sauce 

top with T spice flavored flakes 

add a scoop of vanilla icecream and sprinkle with a little T spice 


Serve with a glass of Red wine!! 


See video as well on you tube also  


T spice coated bacon stirrer 

favorite bloody mary mix 

favorite vodka 


celery stalk 


Pitted Olives both Spanish and Kalamota 

Garlic pickle spear 

lime wedge 



How to make a better Bloody Mary and impress your brunch guests!! 

Start with some thick cut bacon 

Generously rub T spice both sides of the bacon 

Slow roast on a rack until crisp. Let cool 


Rim the glass with the lime wedge 

roll the edge of the glass in T spice 

add ice, vodka and bloody mary mix and stir 

garnish with Celery stalk 

Skewer pepperoncini, olives and garlic pickle spear add to glass 

Lastly add the crisp slice of cooked bacon and stir! 

Best Bloody Mary ever 😋😋