Who is Double Eagle Spice?

 A Native Metro Detroiter, graduate of Schoolcraft Culinary School marries a NJ native and graduate of the Culinary Institute of AMerica, Hyde Park. With over 30 years of combined food and beverage experience it was time to take this Michiganders homemade all-purpose blend to market.

Our grandparents came across the Atlantic Ocean from Eastern Europe over a 100 years ago to pursue their American dream. Many of them were artists as restauranters, musicians and business innovators. WE decided to specifically honor the hardworking grandparents who came from Tirana and Quercia Albania who's successfully owned and operated several restaurants in the Detroit area.

We are using the country of Albania’s flag as our log because it stands for bravery, strength and valor; all which is needed to purse a dream, like ours and launch Double Eagle Spice company.

What does the T stand for? While this all-purpose spice blend can downsize your spice cabinets clutter and just use one bottle, it goes well with just about everything; and will make your food taste TE...RRIFIC.


What is T Spice from Double Eagle?

T spice is a homemade recipe and is Double Eagles version of a miracle all- purpose dry spice mixture that should be a staple in any kitchen. It goes well with just about everything thus eliminating a spice shelf full of little bottles. A savory blend with a balance of heat and sweet enhances beef, poultry, pork, vegetables and even popcorn. Make them all taste Te-rrific with a sprinkle of the seasonal blend. With the convenient, reseal able packaging, it’s easy for not only home use, but great for on the road, traveling or vacationing. Give Double Eagle’s T spice a try.