are committed to ensuring your online privacy. This privacy notice provides information about how we collect, use and store information about your when you use our website. are committed to ensuring your online privacy. If you have any questions regarding the information below please call us toll-free at (800) 741-7787 or email us at

Personal Information We Collect

We collect information that helps us identify you as described below.

Information you provide to us:

As part of the order fulfillment process at, we require basic personal information to complete and ship the order to you. This personal information includes your name, username, email addresses, mailing addresses, billing address, and phone numbers. This information is stored and retained.

In addition, as part of a sales transaction, we may collect credit card information from you as payment for a sales transaction, but your card number is never stored on any of our systems.

When visiting our retail stores, speaking to one of our customer representatives on the phone, or using our website, you may have provided us with your email address that will store for future marketing use.

Information we automatically collect:

When you use our website, we may collect information related to the device you are using that informs us of how you use our website, including whether you are viewing the site on a mobile device or desktop, what pages you are visiting, how long you stay on our website and regional information for the IP address of the device. This information is often collected by saving cookies to the device you use.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information  does not sell or trade customer address or email address information. Email addresses are used to send receipts and shipping notifications on placed orders and as a means to contact you if you cannot be reached by phone. We may also use your email for occasional marketing communications. You can opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email, or by sending an email to

Your name and mailing address information is used to accurately ship orders. Your billing address will be used to confirm the validity of your payment information.

Our website uses cookies to track and measure website statistics to determine the overall success of our site's performance. The data informs us of web pages that might require redesign and how to better serve the needs of our customers in general. None of the data collected pertains to individual customer information. If you would like to have control over which cookies can be used for this purpose, go to our Cookies Settings Form.

With Whom We Share and Sell Your Personal Information

Our credit card service provider (PayPal) is licensed and insured against fraud and processes all online credit card authorizations. Penzeys does not store your credit card number on any of our systems. All subsequent activity on your account is accomplished without your card number by using a specific token that represents your card or the transaction.

Right to Request Disclosure

You have the right to request the disclosure of personal information that is stored, used and shared with third parties. Upon request and verification of the request, you will be provided with an electronic copy of the information categories that Penzeys stores and has shared with third parties. Penzeys will endeavor to respond within 45 days of the receipt of the request.

If you determine that your personal information that we store requires updating, we will be happy to make the corrections to eliminate inaccuracies or incompleteness.

You can Request Disclosure of your personal information on our Privacy Data Request Form.

Right to Request Deletion

You have the right to request the deletion of personal information that is stored Upon request and verification of the request, will endeavor to respond within 45 days of the receipt of the request.

You can request deletion of your personal information on our Privacy Data Request Form.

Right to Non-Discrimination will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your privacy rights. Examples of discrimination would include denying you from doing further business with Penzeys or utilizing future promotions.

Contact Information is committed to resolving any disputes related to your privacy and the data we collect from you. email to